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Installation in Diesel Roma flagship in collaboration with artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer

Short movie about the work of japanese milliner Maiko Takeda

Interactive installation 'Ripple' set in Milan church

Moving Six app for Comme des Garcons

Taken from Dominic Hawgood's commission for the New Mythologies issue

POSTmatter is a magazine about modern life and culture in the digital age.

Our primary focus is on contemporary art, looking at how emerging and established artists alike are being influenced by new technologies, and how they in turn are changing the ways in which we engage with these tools.

We believe that the online experience can be just as meaningful as the offline one, and aim to reflect this by taking a more considered approach to digital publishing, favouring quality over quantity. We publish two issues a year, each based around a theme. These bring together essays, artist commissions, interviews, new fiction, mixtapes and multimedia experiments.

Separate to each issue, we also publish original written and visual pieces on varied topics throughout the year. A calendar of exhibitions and events is updated regularly, as are our recommendations for books, films, music and digital applications.  



Founders: Remi Paringaux and Alexander Dellal

Partner: Carlo Borromeo


Editor-in-Chief: Louise Benson

Associate Editors: Helen Longstreth and Melissa Ray

Art Director: Yann Binet

Technical Director: Sam Marshallsay



POSTmatter was founded in 2010 as a series of independently published editions for the iPad. Designed with the interactive potential of tablet devices in mind, it opened up new possibilities for engaging with the screen.


As part of the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011, POSTmatter created a physical pavilion and accompanying app titled ‘Commercial Break’. A video art intervention created with Neville Wakefield and Garage Magazine’s Dasha Zhukova, it featured the work of over 130 international artists, including Ari Marcopoulos, Aleksandra Mir, Raymond Pettibon, Cyprien Gaillard, Christian Jankowski and Agathe Snow. 

POSTmatter worked with artist Doug Aitken in 2012 to create an app-based experience based on his large-scale multimedia production ‘ALTERED EARTH’. Commissioned by the Luma Foundation, it takes the viewer on a surreal and hallucinogenic journey. Shot entirely in the expansive Camargue area in Southern France, the app creates an alternate exploration of landscape and the space between man, nature and technology. 


The first POSTmatter exhibition took place in 2014. Staged in a former Renaissance church in Milan rigged with high-definition screens, infrared sensors, and motion-tracking technology, the exhibition presented three original artworks that respond in real-time to human movement and touch. One of these, ‘Ripple’, which was exhibited again in 2015 at Fashion Space Gallery, London, uses a tactile interface of fabric to give the audience a physical sensation of touching the clothing and images onscreen. 


In 2015, POSTmatter curated an exhibition as part of the fig-2 residency at the ICA, London. It examined shifting relationships to the natural landscape in a digital age, bringing together photography, sound and video works. Artists, writers and curators were invited to participate in live writing events that were published online in a special edition of POSTmatter, exploring how digital publishing can extend an exhibition beyond the physical limitations of the gallery.


POSTmatter was relaunched in 2016 in its present format.


Contact us:
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POSTmatter is part of the Meri Group.