Introducing The Long Progress Bar 2016

 Lawrence Lek, Europa, Mon Amour, 2016

Kate Cooper, Rigged, 2015

 Embassy For The Displaced, WHERE LAND MEETS SEA

In­flight accessories created by NON

August 9, 2016

Lighthouse’s annual festival of radical imagination returns to Brighton this September, with POSTmatter as media partner, featuring an impressive line-up of artists, musicians, writers and more

Artists, activists and academics will be taking to Brighton’s Dome Studio Theatre next month for this year’s The Long Progress Bar, a one-day festival of radical imagination. Presented by art and culture agency Lighthouse, The Long Progress Bar’s 2016 edition is running in association with WeTransfer, and we are excited to announce that POSTmatter will be the new media partner. Through an exciting program of events including talks, screenings and music the festival aims to celebrate the potential of progress and empowerment in the digital age, and to zoom in on the platforms, interfaces and resolutions needed to work towards a better future.

Award winning author and graphic novelist Warren Ellis will be hosting this year’s event. His most recent work Normal, a near-future techno-thriller, was published in 2016 as a digital distributed serial. He also writes a popular daily blog Morning, Computer.With digital publishing as a key focus at TLPB other speakers include Aimee Cliff, associate editor of FADER, who also writes the popular culture columnPopping Off and co­hosts the monthly Radar Radio show Angel Food, and the journalist and activist Ash Sarkar, a senior editor for Novara Media who hosts the video series OMFG Sarkar. Artist speakers include Roger Hiorns, who was nominated for a Turner Prize in 2009 when he converted a council flat into a blue crystal cave, along with Melika Ngombe Kolongo (Nkisi) the producer, DJ and co-founder of multinational collective of African artists NON. Philosopher and author of One-Dimensional WomanNina Power will also be speaking during the day

A number of screenings from groundbreaking artists who are exploring the potential of new technologies in contemporary storytelling will be shown.  Digital artist Sam Rolfes presents his video for Berlin-based duo Amnesia Scanner’s record AS Chingy. Lawrence Lek reimagines a near-future, post-Brexit Dalston, in an immersive video game installation; watch our 2015 video interview with him here. Kate Cooper questions the contemporary representations of femininity with videos of talking CGI models inRigged, an installation made for the KW Institute in 2014. In Where the Land meets the Sea design based collective Embassy for the Displaced use 3D scanning technology to create a haunting film that captures scenes from a refugee camp on Lesvos Island in Greece.

Dutch design studio Metahaven present propaganda about propaganda in The Sprawl, a video installation, website and feature length documentary which exposes the internet as a weapon of mass destruction and Elizabeth Bernholz, also known as Gazelle Twin, devises a concept performance in collaboration with filmmakers Chris Turner and Tash Toung. Music performances include Brighton Brighton-based music producer ITAL TEK, producer Drill Folly and NON Records’ Nkisi.

The Long Progress Bar will take place on the 8th September and is presented by Lighthouse, an art and culture agency connecting new developments in art, technology and society across the globe. This year’s edition is presented in association with WeTransfer. The media partner is POSTmatter.

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The Long Progress Bar
Lighthouse's annual festival of radical imagination returns to Brighton this September, with POSTmatter as media partner, featuring an impressive line-up of artists, musicians, writers and more.
The Long Progress Bar 2016
What is progress? Artists, activists and academics come together at this one-day festival to radically imagine an answer.
Metahaven make propaganda about propaganda
An immersive new web documentary from the Dutch design studio and Brighton arts organisation Lighthouse cuts to the heart of the online experience
See it my way
Live Writing: In a video game, who is really in control? Lawrence Lek responds to our exhibition, tracing the development of the first person perspective in computer games
Roger Hiorns
British artist Roger Hiorns is interested in the transformation of objects and found materials. This winter, Ikon gallery presents a spanning solo exhibition of his new and old works, which include paintings made from brain matter, jet engines containing anti-depressant drugs and a video work featuring choristers of St Philip’s Cathedral Birmingham singing Evensong on their backs.
Kode9 & Lawrence Lek: The Notel
A live audio-visual show inspired by themes of full automation and post-work utopias set in the shadow of the existential threats posed by artificial intelligence. The Notel is a fully automated, luxury hotel in a post-scarcity world in which the only thing in short supply is humans.
The digital bodies of CGI models disrupt advertising culture and the concept of the 'lookbook' in Kate Cooper's new series of works, drawn from her 2014 exhibition Rigged at the KW Institute in Berlin.
Fleshed Out
Gazelle Twin's latest LP 'Unflesh' is given a second life by a fine selection of producers including Carter Tutti, PERC and Blanck Mass. Here, the somewhat perilous exercise of the remix is elevating this LP to an album of its own, while retaining coherence within Gazelle Twin's body of work.
A collective writing experiment
Pushing the boundaries of online publishing, our exhibition at the ICA Studio culminated in a collaborative piece by Shama Khanna, Lawrence Lek, Fatos Ustek and Louise Benson
The best of The Wrong art biennale
Our highlights from the digital art biennale that is collapsing traditional barriers and meeting contemporary demands for accessibility