A mass writing experiment open to all
September 23, 2016

Live Writing: Daniel Rourke opens up his online document to co-editors from around the world

A collective writing experiment
Pushing the boundaries of online publishing, our exhibition at the ICA Studio culminated in a collaborative piece by Shama Khanna, Lawrence Lek, Fatos Ustek and Louise Benson
A sentimental journey across Google Maps
Live Writing: Join Orit Gat on a virtual trip down memory lane as she reminisces on the familiar places from her past
Raining on the Digital Winter Garden
Live Writing: Past, present and future are linked together in the Winter Garden by Michael Newman, Professor of Art Writing at Goldsmiths
Intimate fragments of language
Live Writing: Alice Butler feels vulnerable and on show as she responds to our exhibition. Focusing on a photograph by Emma Charles, she unpicks her own performance
Micro and Macro
Natural and artificial collide in Rachel Pimm's exploration of the visual similarities of plant cells and golf courses, forging a newly hybridised sense of scale
Ice cold: an ecosystem eats itself
Live Writing: The perilous cooling cycles of glaciers and fridges are woven together, as Milika Mutitu, Director of Cell Project Space, responds to our at the ICA Studio
Flying high
Matthew Flintham's military pastoral geometries delicately reveal the underlying relationships between politics, power and the British countryside
The Digital Garden
In July 2015, POSTmatter presented an exhibition with fig-2 at the ICA, London. In it, we explored shifting relationships to the natural landscape in a digital age, bringing together photography, sound, computer simulation and video works by five artists. Taking place in the gallery and online, the digital component of the exhibition is archived in this special edition of POSTmatter.
Ghost hunting across New Zealand
Artwork: Evan Roth scans the radio frequencies of a fibre-optic cable network on a newly built 'ghost box', mixing the digital with the unearthly
Zach Blas on why we need to stand together
The artist and activist discusses challenging the technology that governs our lives through projects that champion alternative identities and collective action